Woodland, Tough All Weather Shoes.

Woodland Shoes. G-40777 tough all weather shoe Woodland(G-40777), Colour - KHAKHI, Price - INR 2395.00
Woodland is a well-known Indian shoe and apparel brand, which is known for its tough sports and casual shoes. These tough and durable shoes are a preferred shoe brand for youngsters and people involved in outdoors activities.

Woodland Shoes are known for their rugged looks and liked for their comfortable feel.A hallmark of Woodland Shoes is a hard rubber sole and tough pure leather upper.
Many bikers in India prefer tough Woodland Shoes to protect their feet and vouch for its reliability during the crashes they get involved in. In India a good quality helmet and a pair of strong Woodland Shoes are the must buys along with the new bike.

Even though Woodland also offers a choice of casual sneakers, formal leather shoes, and sandals, its name still conjures up images of great outdoors and shoes made to face the wild elements.

A good Woodland Shoe will cost you more than INR 3000 /- but like any other top shoe brands you can always make your purchase during Discount SALE's and buy a Woodland for a 25% to 50 % discount.


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